Managing paperwork is tedious. It’s a drag to complete & a small miracle if it remains crinkle and coffee stain free.

Cubby Spaces gets your forms online ensuring they are complete and legible while also giving you the flexibility to collect payments and paperwork at once.


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“No more waiting for the funds or the paperwork.

Cubby Spaces has been instrumental in automating our enrollment process.”

— Debbie Braun, Owner of The Goddard School -Crabapple & Friendship Ranch


Loved by Caregivers & Families Everywhere!

Our pay as you go pricing structure means you only pay when the service is in use.

Forms & Payments

  • Enrollment forms and payments in one easy transaction

  • Your own unique URL

  • $10 Set Up Fee

  • $0.50/application plus 3.5% payment transaction fee

  • Cancel anytime


Forms Only

  • Enrollment forms

  • Your own unique URL

  • $10 Set Up Fee

  • $0.50/application

  • Cancel anytime


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